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Installation view of Green Art Gallery, Dubai at Frieze London 2016

Following conversations with Bedouin cab drivers in the tourist areas of Egypt’s politically contentious Sinai Peninsula, Allah embarked on a daring mission. The New York-based artist, who was raised in Israel, paid to insert himself into a Bedouin smuggling network, culminating in a first-person film montage that debuted at the New Museum Triennial in 2015. According to Green Art Gallery’s Nadine Khoury, Allah’s installation at Frieze London “extends this journey.” Fascinated by the Bedouins’ airtight method of communication via 2G cellular network, the artist worked with engineers in Palestine to create his own 2G apparatus. In his solo booth with Green Art Gallery, three Samsung cell phones, connected through a tangle of wires and cords and displayed on metal plinths, intermittently call one another, broadcasting recorded and otherwise untraceable conversations between Bedouins into the fair.

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