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Museum Acquisition

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Seher Shah's Argument from Silence (2019) by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Museum Statement

Trained as an architect at the Rhode Island School of Design, Seher Shah is known for her perspectival drawings of modernist buildings. However, she has steadily been maintaining and developing a print-making practice since 2013, beginning when she was a resident at the Glasgow Print Studio, which now occupies equal footing with her drawings.

Argument from Silence, a portfolio of 10 polymer photogravure prints from 2019, can be regarded as her most accomplished body of prints bringing together her interest in architecture and the framing of space with a strong political subtext. The subject of these prints is the Gandhara sculpture collection of the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh (built in 1967). In a statement about the work, Shah has said, "I wanted to engage with this collection as I was drawn to the relationships between object and site, and to the complex legacy of the Gandhara works."

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