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Press Release

Green Art Gallery is pleased to announce Jaber Al Azmeh’s third solo show in Dubai. Entitled The Resurrection, Al Azmeh’s new body of work presents the artist’s ongoing focus on the Syrian revolution and its effect on the social landscape of the country. The exhibition opens on 10 May and will be on view until 26 June 2014.

In his latest black and white photography series, Al Azmeh portrays an intimate setting where a diverse network of Syrians, including journalists, poets, artists and actors, voice their opinions on the current situation in Syria, and what they hope to be the “Syria” they believe in.

The series began in 2011, when Al Azmeh started to photograph people individually in both public and private areas, in Damascus and abroad, holding a copy of the Al Baath Newspaper, an important yet flawed symbol of the Syrian government. Each copy of the newspaper adorns a message written by the individual, such as, “Nothing will stop us. We are coming back home”, “Happiness is coming to our streets and homes,” or simply, “Freedom.” The result is a group of 51 portrait of ordinary Syrians and their hope for a country ravaged by war.

Through this series, Al Azmeh documents the passionate spirit of the Syrian Revolution since its onset and demonstrates that, “All Syrians, no matter where they come from, what religion they have, and what they do, are working together to help this revolution, and help Syria reach its freedom.”

Born in Damascus in 1973, Jaber Al Azmeh received his BFA in Visual Communications at Damascus University. He had his first solo exhibition titled Metaphors in 2009 at Atassi Gallery, Damascus, followed by Green Art Gallery, Dubai, where he also exhibited Traces in 2011, and Wounds in 2012. He has participated in various group shows, including Despite it all they make art! at the Institut des Cultures d’Islam, Paris, 2014; KunstStoff Syrien at Forum Factory, Berlin, 2014; Syriart 101 oeuvres pour la Syrie, Institute Du Monde Arabe, Paris, 2013; Journées de la Photographie 2011, organized by CCF Damascus; The Retrospective of Fine Arts in Syria (IV), New Generation of Syrian Artists, organized by the Damascus Arab Capital of Culture, 2008; and Biennial Dei Giovani Artisti Del Mediterraneo, Rome, Italy, 1999. He lives and works in Doha, Qatar.

Jaber Al Azmeh, Nadine Bassimi, 2012
Jaber Al Azmeh, Amer Matar, 2012
Jaber Al Azmeh, Yara Sabri, 2012
Jaber Al Azmeh, Youssef Abdalki, 2012
Jaber Al Azmeh, Nour Mourshed, 2012
Jaber Al Azmeh, Ahmad Fouad Najem, 2012
Jaber Al Azmeh, Fares Al Helou, 2012
Jaber Al Azmeh, Munir Al Sharani, 2012
Jaber Al Azmeh, Ghalia Sarakbi, 2012
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