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74 million million million tons is an exhibition about the types of evidence
that artworks can produce. Employing different methodologies to investigate, intervene, and assemble, the artists in the exhibition reveal subjects on the threshold of politics and the outskirts of legality: the robot, the refugee, the environment, the startup, and others. While their subject matter is divergent, the exhibition's artists push against narratives put forth by corporate and government industries by producing specific knowledge and corroborative objects around unmapped historical and political events. Directly intervening in the moments before such events coalesce into widely accepted narratives, they anticipate and shape understanding of a variety of human (and non-human) subjectivities by documenting and articulating instances of what is not yet widely known or recognized. By operating inside delays, silent pauses, sensory impairments, and omissions, these artists examine the shape and weigh the force of these gaps, not only as absences but also as sources of knowledge in themselves.

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Shadi Habib Allah, Did you see me this time, with your own eyes, 2018
Shadi Habib Allah, Did you see me this time, with your own eyes (detail), 2018
Shadi Habib Allah, Did You See Me This Time With Your Own Eyes?, 2018
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