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Press Release

Every weekend, dancers, scenic artists and other performers carry out artistic interventions in which corporeality dialogues with the work of artist Ana Mazzei, on display with Drama O'Rama. The installation works with the dialectic of space architecture, in which reality and fiction are projected by the infinite possibilities that can be found by the new uses and meanings that objects and people assume in their work. 

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Ana Mazzei, Anjos I, 2019, Cedar, 240 x 370 x 25 cm
Ana Mazzei, Anjos II, 2019, Painted wood (garapeira, peroba mica, cumaru and plywood), fabric and aluminum
Ana Mazzei, Masks, 2019, Makeup paint, acrylic paint and wood (perobica mica and plywood), composed of 7 masks
Ana Mazzei, Pediment, 2019, Wood (Peroba mica, cedar and plywood)
Ana Mazzei, Fonte, 2019, Wood, concrete, acrylic paint and makeup paint
Ana Mazzei, Lunar, 2019, Painted wood (plywood and cumaru)
Ana Mazzei, Olho, 2019, Wood (peroba mica) and acrulic paint on plywood
Ana Mazzei, Bode, 2019, Painted wood (peroba mica, garapeira, cedar and plywood) and painted felt
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