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A symbol of freedom, of freedom from spatio-temporal barriers, but also of mastery and possession of "Nature", the automobile participates in modes of production, relationships of domination and exploitation in cause of the destruction of our ecosystems.

It is this modern heritage that the collective exhibition “Autonomous Human: Mechanical Fossils ” addresses by comparing the imaginaries and the realities of motor civilization. Object of fetishism, the automobile is re-inscribed here in the forms of life, the energy systems, the territorial arrangements, the organization of work, the geopolitical strategies and the mobility that it implies – those of a fossil capitalism which never ceases to survive itself.

Conceived by the curators, Marianne Derrien, Sarah Ihler-Meyer and Salim Santa Lucia, this exhibition is produced by La Condition Publique as part of the Résonances de la Triennale Art et Industrie du Frac Hauts-de-France. It is the second part of a cycle started with "Joyridin" at the Frac Normandie Caen in February 2023 and which will continue in 2024 at MacVal (Vitry-sur-Seine).

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