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Il Processo/The Trial focuses on the '7 April' trial (1983-84), against the members of the leftist revolutionary movement Autonomia Operaia, and on the Aula Bunker in Rome, the high-security courthouse in Foro Italico that hosted the most important trials of the anni di piombo. The defendants included philosophers as Antonio Negri and Paolo Virno, and other intellectuals accused of being ideologically and morally responsible for Italian terrorism as it developed in the 1970s.

Of the variable installation which Biscotti developed from this case-study, a six hour re-enactment of a selection of the courtroom recordings was presented at WIELS, where local committed agents reactivated the trial by means of live translation from Italian to French and Dutch. The chosen interpreters connect with the content through a contemporary voice and body, because of their political curiosity, research or activism and could therefore function as a bridge between then and now.

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