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Rossella Biscotti


The Journey is a performance art piece tracing the itinerary of a GPS-linked ship inspired by time, history and current geopolitical data in an area between Italy, Malta, Tunisia and Libya. The narrative centres on the decision and consequences of the dropping of a 20 ton block of marble attributed to the artist by Michelangelo's iconic quarry in Carrara, Italy, but left untouched.

Rossella Biscotti uses the block as a mechanism to unpack the political, economic and environmental layers of a complex body of water, and will document the gesture with a sound diary.

For the Tunisian stage, Rossella Biscotti focuses on the Tunisian maritime plateau in which the stories and songs of Tunisian and Italian fishermen are interwoven.

Between Land and Sea is a project created and developed by L'Art Rue (L'Art Rue), Theater Bremen (Germany) and Studio Rizoma (Sicily). The project is co-produced by L'Art Rue, co-financed by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes in the framework of Between Land and Sea and supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Tunis.

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