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We Contain Multitudes

Maryam Hoseini, Women with Green Lies (2), 2018

Acrylic, ink, nails and pencil on wood panel

76.2 x 61 cm

Excerpt from the essay Embodying the Miniature by Murtaza Vali, published in We Contain Multitudes by Galerie Isa, Mumbai.

"Hoseini’s approach is more restrained, almost analytical. In ‘Women with Green Lies (1) and (2)’ (2018), the female body is flattened and dissected into its constituent parts. Detached limbs and headless torsos afloat in similarly compressed frames. The figure becomes a diagram, and Hoseini’s paintings presents schematics for new corporeal architectures, novel ways of understanding, configuring and inhabiting bodies."

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