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Vanity Fair

Maryam Hoseini, Golden Pour (Hidden Lies), 2022

Acrylic, ink, and pencil on wood panel, 198.1 x 106.7 cm


It’s the time of year when London welcomes the glitterati of the world to enjoy the 281 significant international galleries taking part in Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2022. Frieze Masters gives a unique view on the relationship between historical art and contemporary practice, exhibiting work made before the year 2000, whereas Frieze London presents work created mainly post-2000. The fair focuses on living artists and innovative practice.

My last stop was Frieze focus, which displayed galleries under 12 years old. From this selection I was most drawn to Maryam Hoseini (Green Art Gallery), Jennifer Carvalho (Helen Anrather), Louise Giovanelli (Grimm Gallery). Overall this year similar to the Venice Biennale felt more balanced with galleries exhibiting more of their female artists, and as last year, the fair felt very young, some artists merely a year out of art school.

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