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The National

Chaouki Choukini, Etre, 2014

Chêne/Oak, 83 x 47 x 15 cm

One of the most interesting finds during an exploration of the new shows is Poetry in Wood, a sculpture exhibition from Lebanese artist Chaouki Choukini.

Hosted by Green Art Gallery, the show is notable because it embodies the lifetime work of the artist.

Choukini has lived most of his adult life in France and has never shown work in the Middle East, so this is a seminal moment for him – and the work exhibits great maturity.

The pieces, made from a variety of woods, are semi-abstract forms, familiar in shape and size but not depicting anything specific. Many of them have a singular, slim column in the centre, which is reminiscent of a musical instrument – and with Choukini’s expert shaping of the wood, the pieces do exude a kind of rhythm.

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