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Referencing History, Installation view at Green Art Gallery, Dubai, 2012

Bringing a decent curator on board proved smart thinking for Green Art Gallery last time round, and Referencing History looks to carry on in that vein. The curator Jane Neal has brought together a hefty 11 artists from all corners of the region and Eastern Europe. We're keen to see what the Turkish artist Hale Tanger has come up with, as her 2011 solo show at GAG (a series of projections on fabric showing music-making, water-bound balloons) was particularly strong.

According to Neal, all of the works explore in some way the process through which history is made. Several of the artists grew up in the former Soviet Union and they are looking at who exactly writes these "official" histories. Keep an eye out for works by the Romanian Marius Bercea - his Impressionistic landscapes, punctured by angular temples of modernity, are a highlight of the show.

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