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Ana Mazzei, Other Scenes (detail), 2019-2021

A choreographed conversation; a lyrical face-off. Ana Mazzei's installation Drama O'Rama: Other Scenes, shown as part of Glasgow International's commissioned programme, expresses sculpture as a series of gestures, dance steps, improvised riffs and remembered poetry lines. Playfully engaging its audience in its storytelling and meaning-making mechanisms, the works also subtly advocate for a means of engagement with one another that pay attention to the detail, the fragment, the fleeting moment of an unlikely encounter.

São Paulo-based Ana Mazzei's first Scottish commission for Glasgow International comprises a series of mixed-media sculptural works arranged over two floors in the suggestive spaces of the Pipe Factory, next door to the Barras Market. The tinker and chatter of the street seeping into the space through the open windows seem to activate the works and be as much a part of the exhibition as the wooden sculptures and the whitewashed, bare-bones spaces of the Pipe Factory.

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