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Shadi Habib Allah, Daga'a (still), 2015

HD Video, 18 mins. 53 sec

Review on Surround Audience at the 2015 New Museum Triennial, New York, by Maria Nicolacopoulou.

"Shadi Habib Allah’s Untitled video . . . stands out as a study of a marginalized culture and a testimony to the forces of globalization. The 18min video portrays the raw reality behind the otherwise romanticized lives of the Bedouins in Egypt, as documented under unorthodox circumstances. With the artist having been smuggled into their community for prolonged periods of time and putting his life at risk, we stand witness to a visceral account of the dire sociopolitical circumstances of a culture-symbol, as that could only be achieved via an artistic viewpoint, free from anthropological inferences."

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