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Nafas Art Magazine

Jaber Al Azmeh, Nour Mourshed, 2012

Printed on Cotton Rag Fine Art Archival paper

75 x 112.50 cm, , Ed. of 3 + AP

A small group of Free Syrians offer their words....

This project takes on one of the Syrian Government’s most prominent symbols – The Ba’ath Newspaper – as part and parcel of the Baath Security State ­ and here turns it upside down to be a surface of new thoughts written by the Syrian people thus overturning the daily chronicle of government lies.

We emphasize also that the comments are directed not particularly to the Ba’ath but rather to ‘The Regime’ itself. Each participant was invited to use the newspaper or write some words to symbolize his or her thoughts within the general idea of the revolution.

Those are Syrians. Here are their words.

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