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Hera Büyüktasçıyan, When things find their own cleft, 2016

Site-specific installation

"The first work in the exhibition is Büyüktascıyan’s When things find their own cleft (2016), a site-specific installation. With it, Büyüktascıyan breaks the white walls of the space, with bricks resembling those from the original structure of the building spilling out like water from the wall. She takes the covered-up brick wall, the now-invisible history, and reverses its apparent fate; the work is as much about defying oppression and authorship as invalidating it, and despite being in a basement-cum-exhibition-space, you suddenly feel the presence of what the building was before: the old Bomonti brewery. Büyüktascıyan’s installation brings forth a sense of freedom in a confined space, of unrestricted possibility and untethered authenticity."

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