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Border-lines, Jaber Al Azmeh

Installation view at Green Art Gallery, Dubai, 2016

The conflict in Syria forced Jaber Al Azmeh to flee his country. But the artist, who is now based in Doha, continues to voice the feelings of ordinary Syrians and tell their stories through his work.

His 2012 series “Wounds” highlighted the emotional ramifications of the uprising, and later his “Ba’ath” series addressed the lack of freedom of speech as the conflict unfolded, while also honouring individual stories of heroism. In his latest show, “Border Lines”, the photographic artist takes a more detached and holistic view of the situation, exploring the roots of this crisis and its global implications.

Through photographs taken in and around the desert, the artist explores various aspects of a problem that is personal and regional but also universal. The images are minimalistic and calm, but there is a scream behind the silence that conveys the artist’s anguish and the pathos of the situation. However, the artist also holds out hope for a better future.

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