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Jung Lee, Day and Night #2, 2012

C-type print, 140 x 175 cm

“I dream of you”; “I still remember you”; “How could you do this to me.” These are words we hear all the time. And we hardly ever stop to think about what they really mean. But South Korean artist Jung Lee has spent a lot of time trying to understand the connotations of these common clichés and delving deep into the emotions behind these words.

In her photographic works, she combines neon sculptures of everyday phrases with various outdoor environments to create haunting landscapes that invite viewers to contemplate on human relationships and the sense of isolation that is part of modern urban life.

Lee’s artworks are about longing, loneliness and loss. But they are also about love, beauty and hope. The artist is displaying two separate series of works, titled “Aporia” and “Day and Night”, at her first solo show in Dubai.

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