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FOLIO, Alserkal Avenue

Remnants, Installation view at Green Art Gallery, Dubai, 2018

Are remnants – residue, waste, the forgotten – consequences of socio-political power plays, or part of a collective movement of ‘ignorance equals bliss’? Remnants, currently showing at Green Art Gallery, tackles an issue that has long plagued curator Sara Alonso Gómez’s mind. “It departs from the idea of waste we’ve produced through modernity and goes beyond the classical idea of accumulation of objects,” she explains. Honing in on the human position and condition, Remnants strives to redefine the term’s meaning today. “We are facing many moments of discrimination – an idea, or a person, could be a remnant,” continues Gómez. “What we are looking at is not waste, but how we filter ideas and place humans at the edge of this global contemporary problematic.”

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