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Contemporary Practices

Nazgol Ansarinia, Untitled, from Patterns series, 2008

Ink drawing and digital print on paper, 43 x 32 cm

Nazgol Ansarinia’s work explores the patterns and structures of modern-day life. She seeks to portray intangible aspects of social, physical and emotional interactions within the framework of society. Taking inspiration from her immediate environment, Ansarinia closely investigates individual systems before restructuring them into her own configurations. This process aims to realign our relationship with the mundane. As a continuous exploration of systems and patterns, the artist explores one the most stereotyped artifacts of her native Iran: the Persian carpet. Mostly perceived as precious commodity, the Persian carpet has been the most utilized object for Iranians throughout history. While we have become numbed to the repetition of floral shapes, Ansarinia prompts us to have a closer look at what is being taken for granted.

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