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Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck

Alexander Calder’s performing mobile Orange Fish (1946) at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (detail). From the series Cultural Diplomacy: An

Art We Neglect, 2007-2009

In collaboration with Media Farzin

Framed C-print, vinyl lettering, wall label with

narrative text, Framed print 105 x 130 cm, Installation

dimensions 177 x 160.5 cm, Ed. of 5 + AP

Untitled (Abstraction) takes the viewer on a journey through the landscape of the city. This part, which opens the Istanbul Biennial, acts likes an introduction: it is a dictionary of textures, an investigation of the aesthetics of labour, craft and language­ each gradually inflected with personal and political narratives.

In the work of Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck and Media Farzin, art history collapses into the political history of the Middle East offering a critical re­reading of both. This exhibition becomes a point of departure for the next two exhibitions on the upper floor: Untitled (Passport) and Untitled (Ross).

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