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Hale Tenger, I Know People Like This III (detail), 2013

"lf the violence, bullying, power, and so forth that we see in the Priapus figure pertain to the male identity, if the figure has a penis and not a clitoris, well, I can't help it. In the world as it is being born a female brings with it certain burdens and differences. Like it or not, that's how things are. What I've done is take a kind of snapshots of this situation." Hale Tenger

When you come to talk to Hale about feminist issueshe shows a kind of polite boredom. In the year 2000 the work of a women artist living in a "very" male society is automatically classified as feminist. This topic comes again and again in all interviews and presentations of her work although she doesn't identify herself as such.

One of the 100 most prominent artists of the '90s, as considered by American critics, Hale Tenger is graduate of the lsianbul State Academy of Fine Arts, ceramics department. She started her career with a personal show in the Gallery Nev, in lstanbul, in 1990, and attended in shortime an international recognition and appreciation.

Fragile and aggressive at the same time her works balance between the "self' and the "otherness".

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