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Shadi Habib Allah

Not all people exist in the same Now. Assuming that the present time is defined in the same way everywhere on our planet carries the risk of erasing histories and silencing voices.

Through a series of interdisciplinary encounters, Uncommon Grounds wants to explore local histories in their global interconnectedness and test the common, but not identical, experiences of simultaneous non-synchronicity.

To this end, the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program has invited program fellows currently living in Berlin to present contributions that examine their understanding of or experiences with the “simultaneity of the non-simultaneous.”

How has the experience of the last two years reinforced the notion of a dynamic, broad, and elastic “multiverse”? What happens if we are getting out of sync? And what does it mean to understand solidarity as a relational practice?

The concerts, installations, screenings, readings, and discursive formats featured in Uncommon Grounds are intended as seismographs to address the ambivalences and tensions of our shared present.

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