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Seher Shah

Seher Shah, FLATLANDS (corner), 2016

6-Panel ink on paper, 157.5 x 327.5 cm

Seher Shah will be participating in the group exhibition, The Projective Drawing: An Exploration of Art and Architecture in Contemporary Culture. "The exhibition is based on The Projective Cast, a book published in 1995 by architectural historian Robin Evans, whose goal was to define a new way to explain how we “see” architecture that incorporated the balancing of all sensations (mental, physical and emotional) that underpin the human experience of built structures.

In The Projective Drawing, Evans’ theory, which is essentially at its core skeptical of drawing, is used to challenge and expand our approach to understanding the medium and how it operates in contemporary culture. Within the striking architecture of the ACFNY, designed in 1992 by Raimund Abraham, the show presents select work by both Austrian and international artists whose pursuits of drawing require us to activate a matrix of complex and untraditional ideas to understand and approach their work.

Participating Artists include: William Cordova, Lionel Favre, Sara Flores and the Shipibo Conibo Center, Simona Koch, Brigitte Mahlknecht, Judith Saupper, Seher Shah, James Siena, Katrín Sigurdardóttir and Leopold Strobl.

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