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Seher Shah

Working Spaces can be read in multiple ways. It is about artists giving the amorphousness of space physical dimensions through shape, colour, form and structure, to accentuate its experience and meaning. Space is never created ex-nihilo; it is inspired and created around memory and perception, in traversing the passage between ‘observed’ and ‘remembered’ experiences, in responding to nature, architecture, place and time.

Bordering between representation and abstraction, artists have employed acts of drawing, structural forms of architecture and of objects, principles of visual deception and optical illusion, nuances of colour and the effects of light and sound to manifest concepts/ideas about materiality and non-materiality, fullness and emptiness, form and non-form, often entering into realms of the transcendental and the mystical. Metaphorically, it is a space in the mind, the depths of which are unknown and possibilities of knowing endless.

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