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Nazgol Ansarinia

Nazgol Ansarinia, Article 51, Pillars, 2014

Cast resin & paint, 33 x 33 x 62 cm

Variable Dimensions is a descriptive term commonly used in captions of artworks, especially in the field of contemporary art, but rarely used in the field of architecture, where dimensions are used for construction and hence naturally pre-defined. This exhibit suggests a fresh look on this difference and reinvents dialogues around the relationship between artists and architecture.

Organised by core subjects, it covers topics such as the relationship between contemporary cities and architecture, the virtualisation of urban social relations, different aspects of living and discussions on the home and domestic space, architectural and modernist utopias, and, lastly, works that are directly related to ideas of scale, size and measuring instruments and systems. It showcases historical and contemporary works by artists from different generations and nationalities side by side, whose artwork promotes the discussion on topics that expand or narrow the relationship between art and architecture.

The exhibit stems from the publication Artists and Architecture: variable dimensions, published by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, in Paris, 2015.

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