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Nazgol Ansarinia

Nazgol Ansarinia In collaboration with Roozbeh Elias-Azar, Fabrications. Residential apartments/water reserve & wind towers on Sayad highway, 2013

Plaster, resin and paint, 18.5 x 18 x 11 cm 

Twenty-three artists from Belgium, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Poland and United Arab Emirates took part in the KURZ / DUST / غبار exhibition. They represent different generations, some of them being highly renown in the artistic world, others young and at the beginning of their artistic path. The common denominator of their work is the attempt to confront matter. Dust, as the theme of the exhibition, is a concept through which diverse experiences are manifested.

In this exhibition instead of being an object, dust is, in fact, a process linking people and things, bodies and geographies. Therefore, the subject of the exhibition is how to translate this process into art and experience the empowerment of matter and the environment through the work of art itself. Some of the works have been created especially for this event. Many of them speak with the universal language of the contemporary artistic practice and break down the cultural barriers and historical or geographical experiences. 

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