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Nazgol Ansarinia

Nazgol Ansarinia, The Mechanisms of Growth, Demolishing Buildings, Buying Waste, 2017

Installation view at Parasol unit, London, 2019

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is delighted to present Nine Iranian Artists in London: THE SPARK IS YOU, a group exhibition of works by contemporary Iranian artists whose vision looks beyond the ordinary. Each piece was selected for the affinity with openness, respect and human interconnectedness evinced in the work.

Morteza Ahmadvand | Nazgol Ansarinia | Ghazaleh Hedayat | Sahand Hesamiyan
Koushna Navabi | Navid Nuur | Sam Samiee | Hadi Tabatabai | Hossein Valamanesh

In the ground-floor gallery one’s attention is immediately drawn to The Mechanisms of Growth, Demolishing Buildings, Buying Waste, 2017, by Nazgol Ansarinia. What appear to be pallets of rubble are in fact handmade plaster and glue ‘bricks’, based on a 3-D printed mould, which replicate fragments of a building, such as that being demolished in the accompanying videos. In Tehran, the artist’s hometown, ‘real-estate anarchists’ have in recent decades extensively demolished and rebuilt the once-familiar townscape. Ansarinia records in detail the ruthless destruction and de-personalised new development that is rampant throughout the city.

Nine Iranian Artists in London: THE SPARK IS YOU exhibition highlights the vital importance of open dialogue towards developing greater understanding between all nations. Particularly in today’s tumultuous and uncertain times, these themes are timely and informative in ways that we hope will further engender curiosity, understanding and appreciation of other cultures and stimulate ever more conversations.

The exhibition runs concurrently with THE SPARK IS YOU: Parasol unit in Venice, which also presents the work of nine Iranian artists, some of who also have pieces in this London presentation that continues significant themes of exchange and dialogue.

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