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Kamrooz Aram

Kamrooz Aram, Conference, 2011

Oil on canvas, 213 x 183 cm

In a loosely thematic group show at Vogt Gallery, curators Michael Bühler-Rose and John Connelly bring together the work of thirteen different artists working across mediums. The selections mine the possible meanings and interpretations of an “end”–either as a culmination or cancellation, or as something which enables a beginning or change.

As if in imitation of the show’s vague, almost bathetically profound title, the works here seem to embody casual derivatives of past moments in art history or popular culture. Sabrina Mansouri’s sparse silkscreen Untitled 2 (2007-2009) seems to be an internet-age interpretation of On Kawara’s date paintings, yet Mansouri rejects the specificity upon which Kawara’s works relies. for its effectiveness. She favors instead a rote Ouija board composition of the alphabet with arabic numerals listed from “1” through “0”and ending with the words “Good Bye,” the neglected hyphen transforming the compound word into two distinct words of questionable relevance.

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