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Kamrooz Aram

Kamrooz Aram, Green Memorial (detail), 2017

FOCUS: Kamrooz Aram

Designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Andao, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth will present new body of work by Kamrooz Aram, as part of its annual FOCUS shows.

"Spanning painting, sculpture, collage, and installation, Kamrooz Aram's work investigates the complex relationship between Western modernism and classical non-Western art. By highlighting their formal connections, he reveals the typically downplayed role that non-Western art and design have played in the development of modernism and its drive toward abstraction. Challenging the traditionally Euro-centric narrative established by art history, Aram's work sets forth to disrupt this perceived hierarchy by merging and equalizing Western and non-Western forms."

The exhibition has been kindly supported by Alserkal Programming, The Mohammed Afkhami Foundation and Sara Binladen.

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