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Kamrooz Aram

Kamrooz Aram, Reluctant Descent (detail), 2016

Now in its fifth year, Jaou is bringing together artists, independant curators, and cultural thinkers, to explore the complex definition of heritage in Tunisia's post-revolution existence. Through a deliberate process of reductionism, Jaou will explore the idea of ‘approved heritage,’ through the prism of the four elements; Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. This simplification will form the lens through which Jaou will investigate the complex landscape of Tunisia’s fragile present day condition, and in particular, its cultural narrative. Notwithstanding the politicisation of Tunisia’s heritage - entirely inconsistent with how Tunisian’s actually view themselves - Jaou poses a simple question; to whom does heritage belong?

This edition of Jaou will engage a carefully selected group of forgotten public spaces, through an artistic pilgrimage of decay. Attendees will be welcomed to a series of discussions, gallery viewings, as well as the opening of four, unique, contemporary art exhibitions; Water, Earth, Fire and Air. The exhibitions will be lead by four fresh Tunisian curators, each inspiring participants to partake in a cultural assessment of their own.

Kamel Lazaar Foundation was founded in 2013 by Lina Lazaar.

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