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Hera Büyüktaşçıyan

Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Echo, 2016

Site specific sculpture, Collezione Gori, Italy

The site-specific installation, can be seen at the Gori collection in Santomato (Pistoia), Italy as part of their permanent collection.

Echo is a site specific intervention within the olive garden of Fattoria di Celle. The rib like form emulates an organism that has been residing in the past, present and future.

As it is located on a path that divides the garden in two, it creates an echo within the void that has a physicality as well as a virtual reality. Each circular movement of the echo carries the effect of a rain drop on water. It also carries this effect within the soil itself, that expands, nurtures and goes deep into the invisible. It imbibes a collection of time that vibrates within the space, like sound waves that come from the movement of nature and time. Echo also absorbs both emptiness and virtual reality that offers a voyage within time and memories within our mental space.

The abstraction of the form creates the possibility of a new sense of environment that is beyond time and space which still remains unknown to us. Each circular wave of Echo continues to move underground. While we walk through the structure it continues its cyclic movement that reflects flowing time. The cyclic form is self contained and it continues its constant move from the invisible to the visible world as well as from what is inside to outside… as if it takes from the earth and gives back to the sky. As we pass through it, it becomes a performative form that manifests its existence at the space that makes us a part of its reality. Each time we pass through it, we become active particles of its wholeness whose footsteps collide with many others. In this sense Echo also resembles a shipwreck or fossil that has maintained its materiality by carrying multiple layers of time, existence and reality as a reminder of the immortality of memory and the cycle of the world.

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