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Hera Büyüktaşçıyan

Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg continues its ongoing exhibition format Freundschaftsspiel, which engages the museum collection in dialogue with diverse outside collections. In collaboration with two independent, private collections in Istanbul, the second edition of the series is a multigenerational and international exhibition. Freundschaftsspiel, Istanbul : Freiburg takes place in three acts: a joint exhibition with Ayse Umur Collection, a video program from Agah Ugur Collection in the museum’s Schau_Raum and series of book launches in Istanbul as a closing event.

This evolving exhibition is the result of correspondences between collections based in different geo-political contexts, yet sharing related artistic attitudes. Freundschaftsspiel, Istanbul : Freiburg surveys a range of historically and politically charged contexts including gender, language, identity and humor. In parallel with this contextual framework, the diversity of the museum’s contemporary collection is on display as it is assembled with two seldom seen, yet impactful private collections. Further contributions include artist talks, a discussion program, screenings, readings and performances. The encounter between the collections creates a non-linear, conversational composition that maps out parallel artistic positions across different generations and suspends the euro-centric approach in exhibition making.

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