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Hale Tenger

The year 2017 will mark the 75th anniversary of the massacre of Lidice that was committed by the National Socialists. In commemoration of this incident the two previous Lidice exhibitions Hommage à Lidice (1967) and Pro Lidice (1997) will be continued by a third project Remember Lidice (2015).

For the project Remember Lidice artists have been invited for the third time to donate works for Lidice. With this chapter, the frame of reference will once more be broadened: What started out as a German-Czech issue with the contributions of 21 West-German artists in 1967 (Hommage à Lidice), and continued in 1997 as a project of a united Germany with contributions from 31 artists (Pro Lidice), will in 2015 become an international subject matter, with the participation of 44 international artists.

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