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Hale Tenger

Hale Tenger, Strange Fruit, 2009

Floating Islands,” Istanbul Modern’s 9th collection exhibition, brings together more than 280 works by 110 artists and 2 artist duos. Besides the permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, the exhibition encompasses other spaces throughout the building.

The permanent exhibition gallery presents a chronological selection from the museum collection that traces the development and transformation of art scene in Türkiye after 1945. Touching on different subjects and approaches, from figurative paintings to installations and videos, the selection reveals interactions between artists. While shedding light on the popular tendencies of the time, each work also informs viewers about the specific style of the artist.

The temporary exhibition gallery features thematic presentations of works mostly created after the 2000s. Underlining common topics that artists from Türkiye and abroad have engaged with, the works demonstrate the affinities and shared sensibilities of production by contemporary artists living in different geographies. The selection highlights artistic responses to themes like city, human, nature, borders, geographies, politics, culture, sound and music while encouraging viewers to recall circumstances and events that impact the present. 

Floating Islands” pays homage to artists’ extraordinary imagination and spheres of influence. It indicates their attachment to a specific place while also emphasizing the impact of their thought and production beyond borders and geographies.

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