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Hale Tenger

Hale Tenger, Broken Record/Self Portrait, 2005

Hale Tenger's Broken Record/Self Portrait (2005) from the Elgiz Collection, is on display at the group exhibition Myths and Dreams in the Elgiz Collection.

The starting point of the Myths and Dreams exhibition is the ecological concerns we are facing today. The exhibition aims to reflect with the viewer the concepts of ecosophy and autopoiese put forward by Felix Guattari.

The selection compiled from the Elgiz Collection aims to explore how artists from different cultures deal with these issues and what suggestions they make. In the first stage, the damage caused by humans to nature and the environment, which is expressed in various forms of expression by the artists based on the concept and layers of ecosophy, is discussed. In the second stage, it is put forward that it is possible to eliminate all these negative consequences without wasting time and to create an alternative world where all the lost values are preserved.

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