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Hale Tenger

Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts hosts “Life, Death, Love, and Justice”, a group exhibition which proposes a look at the injustices experienced in different geographies through love, hope, and resistance.

The injustices caused by social, political, gender inequality, or ecological reasons — which are experienced in different forms all over the world — have become more evident with the global epidemic in the last few years.. Contemporary artists living in Turkey and international artists address these problems, sometimes with a hopeful approach that celebrates love and life, and sometimes on a ground that encourages thought-provoking alternatives. “Life, Death, Love, and Justice” includes new works made for the exhibition, as well as recent photographs, installations, videos, and wall paintings borrowing its title from the sound installation by Hale Tenger, the exhibition hopes for a platform where no one is discriminated against because of their life choices — with respect and solidarity for the pursuit of rights and justice.

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