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Ana Mazzei

Ana Mazzei, Run Rabbit Run, 2018

Installation view at Green Art Gallery, Dubai

Photo by Alex Wolfe

Ana Mazzei’s first commission for a public institution in Scotland is a large-scale installation. The Brazilian artist presents a series of work over two floors, where abstracted sculptural forms pertain to states of mind, and taken together suggest an open-ended narrative.

An unfurled temple stands in the shape of a semicircle, having survived an unnamed disaster. Is this a confrontational encounter between the forms and viewer, or a staged architectural background for our own private narratives to play out on?  Other works congregate in groups, invoking both formalist sculptural exercises and fragments of characters, lost in unidentified stories.

Offering shifts in perspective and viewpoint, the installations create a deliberate sense of somehow being caught in a choreographed game, with sculptures that take on their own vocabulary of forms, conjuring half-remembered episodes or fragmented mythologies.

Exhibition supported by British Council, Henry Moore Foundation and The Pipe Factory, Glasgow

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