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Ana Mazzei

The Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo - MAM SP announces from July 23 the 37th Panorama of Brazilian Art, "Under the ashes, ember", whose curatorial commission is composed of Claudinei Roberto da Silva, Vanessa Davidson, Cristiana Tejo and Cauê Alves. The exhibition will feature works by 26 artists and collectives from different regions of Brazil, about this selection Claudinei Roberto da Silva says: "I believe that the cast of selected artists mirrors the diversity of the experiences of the curatorial group", according to him "the distinctions of gender, race and class that can be observed in this small community of curators created a friction, which instead of promoting divergences, was important in the formatting of the concepts that guided the selection of artists". Likewise, the need to review Brazilian history from new political and social analyzes, the plurality of gender identities, anti-racist struggles and the human relationship with the environment are some of the recurring themes in the installations, photographs, paintings, videos, sculptures and projects of the 37th panorama.

For curator Cristiana Tejo, we sought to "bring names that are not currently in the spotlight (or at least were not when we closed our research), so that the public can check the Panorama with a certain freshness to the set. We managed to bring together a strong, powerful and honest group of artists. Above all, I am very happy to be part of this journey."

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