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Afra Al Dhaheri

Afra Al Dhaheri, Tangle, Untwist, REWIND - Sweat For Years To Come, 2023

Installation view at The Watermill Center, New York, NY, 2023

Tangle, Untwist, REWIND - Sweat For Years To Come

Enduring weight, labor, and ritual as a form to unpack cultural ideologies that associated with representation of women’s beauty and social presentation. The work is a celebration of my mothers hidden labor of love.

The body serves the rope, gives its energy, effort, muscle, skin, bone, and breath. Without giving, the rope will not give back. The fulfilling labor serves as a token of exchange for the rope to give back a glimpse of its monumentality.

- Afra Al Dhaheri

The Watermill Center

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