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Shadi Habib Allah, Dropping the 10th Digit, 2018, Installation view, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Shadi Habib Allah, Dropping the 10th Digit, 2018

Installation view, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Press Release

Post-Capital brings together works of sculpture, painting, photography, video and performance that address the nature of production, consumption and wealth. The exhibition takes as its starting point the inherent paradox within a capitalist system that is both dependent upon and threatened by technological progress.

Today, forms of labour, currency, commodities and the nature of consumption have been dramatically transformed by technologies that continue to evolve. Information that is both abundant and infinitely replicable has become a valuable commodity that defies traditional economic principles, whereby value is determined by scarcity. Post-capital presents works by twenty-one artists that variously explore the aesthetics, paradoxes, absurdities and ethical questions posed by post-industrial and perhaps post-capital economies.

Photographs by Shadi Habib Allah feature so-called ‘mediums of exchange’ from the minting of coins at the Monnaie de Paris to the production of Bitcoin in rural China and the unofficial trade of welfare food stamps in grocery stores in Miami. 

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