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Installation view at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, 2022

Installation view at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, 2022

Press Release

52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone celebrates the fifty-first anniversary of the historic exhibition Twenty Six Contemporary Women Artists, curated by Lucy R. Lippard and presented at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in 1971. 52 Artists will showcase work by the artists included in the original 1971 exhibition, alongside a new roster of twenty-six female identifying or nonbinary emerging artists, tracking the evolution of feminist art practices over the past five decades. 52 Artists will encompass the entirety of the Museum (approx. 8,000 sq. ft)—the first exhibition to do so in The Aldrich’s new building which was inaugurated in 2004.

52 Artists will survey this landmark exhibition, including works of art from the original exhibition and recreations of some of the more ephemeral pieces, and, if neither are available, related works from the same period. The exhibition will also include recent works by many of the original artists showing how their practices have evolved over the past fifty years. 52 Artists will also debut a commensurate group of twenty-six emerging artists living and working in New York City. By showing the original group alongside emerging artists of today, the exhibition will testify both to the historic impact of Lippard’s milestone exhibition and to the influence of her work, and the work of the original twenty-six artists she presented at The Aldrich, on a new generation of feminist artists.

Maryam Hoseini creates paintings in acrylic, ink and pencil on shaped wood panels that survey the generative depths of in-betweenness. Influenced by her own ruptured identity as an Iranian woman artist living and working in the US, Hoseini collapses the boundaries between painting, drawing, and architecture, employing thin, flat layers of soft color and meticulous graphite details to narrate a lyrical allegory populated by genderless characters in her work, Private Quarter (Midnight-Midday) & Private Quarter (Sunset-Sunrise), 2021.

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Maryam Hoseini, Private Quarter (Midnight-Midday) & Private Quarter (Sunset-Sunrise), 2021
Maryam Hoseini, Private Quarter (Midnight-Midday), 2021
Maryam Hoseini, Private Quarter (Sunset-Sunrise), 2021
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