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Ana Mazzei, Spectacle (Espetáculo) (detail), 2016,  

Ana Mazzei, Spectacle (Espetáculo) (detail), 2016


Press Release

Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee – museo Madre present Vai, vai, Saudade, a collective exhibition which offers a poetic pathway, exploring a series of stories related to the art produced in Brazil since WWII. These are “travel notes” that merge together to form a free but interconnected exhibition itinerary of formal and conceptual, spiritual and earthly, political and geographical themes that together form the basis of a narrative that follows a novel-like logic. Touching on pressing issues of continental, modern and contemporary Brazil, the exhibition takes its title from a samba composed by Heitor dos Prazeres (Rio de Janeiro, 1898–1966), a Carioca artist who was among the first to be subjected to censorship by the military dictatorship in 1964.

From the end of slavery—not repealed until 1888—to the subsequent mass immigration waves, mainly from Italy, Lebanon, Japan, and Germany, through to the more recent Bolsonarismo, Brazil has developed amid positivism and democracy, dictatorship and censorship, frustration and hope, without ever abandoning the resilient spirit typical of countries that have been through a similar colonial history. A country that has proved itself able to build an identity based on the valorization of multiculturalism and the fusion of multiple languages, defying the Eurocentric and monolithic approach to art history: since the beginning of the last century, Brazil has stood among the leading protagonists of the avant-garde on the world stage, and there is no avant-garde without the observation of ancestral cultures or those over-simplistically considered “popular.”

Curated by Cristiano Raimondi

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