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During the emblematic period of the bicentennial of the independence of Brazil, the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo will host, from July 23rd, the 37th Panorama da Arte Brasileira (Panorama of Brazilian Art), which proposes to deconstruct naturalized paradigms in relation to colonial Brazil. As a counterpoint, this year also celebrates the centenary of the Semana de Arte Moderna de 1922 (1922 Modern Art Week), a milestone for Brazilian modernism that brought about vast, new cultural scene, with artists from different regions of the country.

With a diverse curatorial group, consisting of Cauê Alves, Cristiana Tejo, Vanessa Davidson and Claudinei Roberto da Silva, this year’s edition, the 37th Panorama, emphasizes the problems and brutalities of a country that has not yet established itself as a civilization, reflecting this scenario with works by artists of different generations, with ethnic, racial and gender diversity.

The exhibition values the pedagogical dimension of art and looks for structural ruptures. Still in a pandemic world, the Panorama proposes to investigate how artists rooted in Brazil have faced the multiple problems caused by the expansionist development model adopted throughout the last centuries.

The curatorial project was based on signs that are subtly linked to embers, as a symbol of resistance but also reflecting an ambiguity of meanings, inviting a diversity of perspectives and lines of investigation.

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